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4 Methods to Optimize Voice Search in 2022

Voice search is taking the digital world by storm. The Land Down Under is no different. A 2018 study found that 1.35 million Australians owned a smart speaker. This is a staggering 200% increase over the 4.36 million smart speakers owners in the four-months prior to the survey. This simply shows how quickly Australians have adapted voice technology.

Smart speakers can be used by anyone once they are in their possession. Most Australians now use voice search to find things online rather than typing in keywords. SEO services Brisbane work hard to optimize businesses for voice searches.

What are some ways brands can rank higher in voice searches next year?

Optimize for mobile

Mobile-first is one of the most important ways to optimize for voice search. Mobile-first is a key strategy to optimise voice search. Mobile phones accounted for 45.2% of all internet traffic in Australia as of January 2021.

It would be a good idea to make your website and content mobile-friendly. This will increase your brand visibility online, drive your business to success and raise brand awareness.

Increase website speed

Internet speed is important. Your website should load quickly, regardless of whether you are using a mobile device. Most internet users expect websites that load in less than 2 seconds. Don’t expect visitors to leave if your page takes longer than 2 seconds.

You can check your page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. If you find any errors, fix them immediately.

Optimize for local SEO and create an Google my Business profile

Did you know that mobile searches related to location account for 30% of all mobile searches? Many Australians use voice search for local information and to locate specific services.

This shows how crucial optimizing local search is. Voice search is also important. SEO services Brisbane recommend that you claim your Google My Business listing, and provide detailed information about your business.

Provide clear and concise answers in the FAQs section.

A FAQs page can make your website more informative and helpful. This allows you to answer specific questions that many people have.

Voice search is a popular method of searching for information. Most people use voice search to find answers. Clear, concise and relevant answers can help you rank higher in search engine results pages.

Google values question-and-answer content.

Voice technology has made some amazing advances. Speech recognition can now be recognized at 95% accuracy, which is remarkable considering Australia’s accent. There are many voice search options available.

Voice search will soon surpass traditional online searches. Your business must be ready before this happens.

Your Brisbane digital marketing agency should optimise your website for voice searches to ensure it ranks higher than other websites and reaps the greatest benefits. You will be successful by using the most powerful voice optimization techniques.

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