It can be difficult to attract the best talent out of the large pool of applicants during the recruitment process. It is therefore important to have a solid strategy in order to attract the best talent.

JVS Career Services reports that 42% of employers fear they won’t find the talent they need. However, you can make this a reality by following the strategies below. These simple strategies will allow you to maximize your time and hire success.

Diversify your Talent Sourcing Tool

When searching for candidates, most recruiters use their preferred talent sourcing tools. While most recruiters choose to first use their professional networks, others prefer LinkedIn. It begs the question, “Why should they stop there?” They’re great at delivering, which is why they are the most popular candidate sourcing platforms. This shouldn’t mean that you should eliminate less-used sources. You can also use other platforms such as Jobberman, Grabjobs and CareerCloud for sourcing purposes. You just might discover the unique talent you were looking for in the sourcing tool.

Include Offline Recruiting Tactics

Online recruitment strategies can increase one’s engagement, as we all know. Online recruitment strategies are not enough to be underestimated. If a recruiter wants to hire successful candidates, they must be flexible. One of the best ways to recruit is to meet people offline at industry or professional events. You will meet industry experts at a conference and be able to find top talent in your niche.

Use Your Employee’s network for talent sourcing

Employees can give you access to talent that isn’t yet discovered or untapped by candidates they know. Your employees’ social graphs will show you different results for candidate searches based on the different platforms they use. This allows you to find candidates that you wouldn’t have discovered without them.

You can automate this talent sourcing process with tools such as Simppler or Teamable that automatically recommend candidates based on your employees’ social networks. Your employee should be responsible for the introduction of the candidate once you have found the right one. This allows for better communication and is more efficient.

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