Drive While Writing

Writing articles has been one of the primary techniques to drive traffic to your website almost for as long as internet marketing has existed. Together with search engine optimization, writing articles is of fundamental importance in developing your traffic generation strategy. It is also one of the simplest strategies to put in place and one that may have the longest lasting impact.

As more and more people come online, the number of web pages increases almost exponentially. It is not nearly as easy to be found on the internet as it once was. Article marketing is still a very effective means to drive traffic to your website and increase your expert status; however, because of the millions of articles that are available throughout the web, you have to multiply your writing efforts to create enough content to be found online.

I believe that you need to set your goals much, much higher than just over a decade ago. Two to ten articles will no longer make you an expert or create enough traffic to your site. That number is now in the 250 to 2,500 articles range.

Just imagine if you could have a website that didn’t need any maintenance on your part; one that you could just forget or check on occasion. If you had such a site, you could dedicate yourself to developing new businesses and building those websites. No all traffic generation strategies have the longevity of articles.

Writing articles and publishing on article directories is known as article marketing. It is considered marketing because marketing is any activity that guides customers to your business, your product, your sales offer, or your website. Once a visitor lands on your site marketing ends and salesmanship takes over. Marketing and selling are two complementary activities that must work together. Traffic generation concentrates on the marketing side of the process.

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