Ebook Writing – Uncover 4 Ways to Improve Your Ebook Writing

One of my clients came to me a couple of weeks back because he kept on getting not-so-nice feedback about his ebooks. Most of the people who bought from him were either disappointed or furious that they have spent their money on his creations. Although he meant well and although he wanted to please his audience, he was clueless as how to make his ebooks worth every penny. Do you want to know the advice and tips that I have given him? Then, read on and find out!

1. Involve your prospects. If you want to make your ebooks focused to the needs of your target audience, I recommend that you involve them in the initial stages of ebook writing. You can ask them about the things that they would like to learn about, their pressing issues, and their areas of interest. You can also determine their preferences when it comes to language and writing formats. Knowing all the needs and demands of these people will help you easily figure out the best information and the elements that you will use when writing your ebooks to make them look more valuable to the eyes of your clients.

2. Offer unique content. The client I was talking about in the first part of this article offered his clients with information that can easily be found on Wikipedia and Google News. No wonder why his clients were furious about spending their money on his ebooks. If you don’t want your client base to feel the same way, make sure that you offer them with unique content or something that they will not be able to find online for free. You can share some insider tips, valuable techniques, and personal stories that they will find interesting and inspiring.

3. Proofread your content. Publishing your ebooks that contain numerous grammar, spelling, and factual errors is like saying that you really don’t care about giving your clients with great learning experience. Make time to manually proofread and edit your content before you sell your creations over the World Wide Web. Aside from eliminating common errors, you can also make time to improve the overall flow of your content when needed.

4. Make it interesting to read. Write your ebook using conversational and friendly tone. Don’t be shy to insert appropriate jokes and ask questions once in a while and empathize when you are talking about the pressing issues being faced by your readers. By doing so, you can easily put these people at ease and later on, give them great reading experience.

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