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Elevating Retail Experiences with Lumina Aqua’s Digital Price Tags

Step into the future of retail with Hanshow‘s Lumina Aqua series, where the term digital shelf tag takes on a whole new meaning. Lumina Aqua’s innovative approach to digital price tags reshapes the retail narrative, offering a visually stunning and dynamic solution that goes beyond traditional pricing methods.

Unlocking Lumina Aqua D1’s Potential

Lumina Aqua D1, the standard model for one-sided LCD screen ESL solutions, redefines the role of digital price tags in retail settings. Unlike conventional paper labels, this digital price tag not only provides an efficient and accurate labeling solution but also serves as a canvas for marketing content. The result is a seamless integration of product information, prices, and promotional material in a visually captivating manner.

Double the Impact with Lumina Aqua D2

Breaking new ground, Lumina Aqua D2 introduces a paradigm shift in the world of digital price tags. With full-color, double-sided LCD screens and an integrated design for optimal display space, this innovation doubles brand recognition and visibility compared to traditional ESL solutions. Retailers can now offer a more engaging and informative shopping experience, elevating their brand presence.

Embracing the Full-Color, High-Definition Display

Lumina Aqua’s high-definition, full-color IPS LCD screen, complemented by a 2.5-dimensional glass lens, creates a visually immersive shopping environment. Positioned strategically in the fast-paced fresh foods section of grocery retail, this digital price tag attracts and engages customers with its vibrant display.


In the ever-evolving world of retail, Lumina Aqua’s digital price tags emerge as a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating pricing information with dynamic marketing content, these digital price tags contribute to a more engaging, sustainable, and customer-centric retail environment. With Hanshow at the forefront, the future of retail is indeed bright and dynamic.

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