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 GETO’s: Optimize Construction Practices

GETO, a renowned construction technology company, presents its comprehensive formwork singapore solution. Comprising tie-rods, walers, aluminum formwork, and steel accessories, this innovative system changes construction processes. With a focus on strength, durability, and stability, GETO’s formwork Singapore enables efficient and high-quality construction practices.

Materials for Tie-Rod System Wall and Column Formwork

The tie-rod system, which consists of tie-rods, aluminum alloy wall panels, walers, hexagonal nuts, gaskets, waler brackets, and tie-rod raking shores, forms the basis of the formwork Singapore. Together, these components assure the formwork system’s durability and structural integrity. To ensure the efficiency and safety of the formwork system, it’s critical to select high-quality materials and adhere to suitable installation techniques.

Principal Elements of the Tie-Rod System

The tie-rod reinforcement system incorporates tension tie-rods, walers, and raking coasts to ensure the overall building system’s strength, longevity, and stability. The stability of the wall body increases noticeably once the tension tie-rods and walers are strengthened. Special waterproofing procedures are required to treat tie-rod holes remaining in the wall body once the formwork system has been disassembled.


GETO’s formwork Singapore finds its application in a wide range of projects, including typical floors, apartments, office towers, terrace houses, and hotels. By incorporating this solution, construction companies can optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve superior results. With GETO’s commitment to innovation and excellence, their formwork singapore sets new industry benchmarks and elevates construction practices. Experience superior construction practices with GETO’s formwork Singapore and take your projects to new heights of success.

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