How to select a smartphone for playing online games

Now we are used to seeing more devices from manufacturers every year. We can easily categorize them as low, medium and high price. These three categories do not show the differences between models. Many of the new features have been specifically created for this industry, especially when it comes down to choosing a smartphone to play online games. To that end, I have done a quick analysis of the best Android phones to play online games.


When you buy a smartphone, the display is what will most likely make you choose it. The best option for a gaming device is an OLED or AMOLED panel with excellent color rendering and deep blacks.

You should pick at least one Full HD+ + Full HD+ to strike a balance between independence and quality.

It is important to have a large display. A display larger than 6.3 inches will allow you to see all the details, even the smallest ones.

Recent updates have become more important. This indicates how often the screen refreshes images every second. Smartphones with a refresh speed of 90, 120, 144 or – even- 240 Hz have become more common. These are the smartphones that bring joy to the eyes of most gamers.


The introduction of smartphone processors has made a significant improvement in the past few years. You can also enjoy longer playtimes due to the “green” CPU power and lower power consumption. Online games will become more enjoyable and less expensive with 5G technology.

The companies that make processors have not changed. Qualcomm, Huawei, Apple, and Apple again dominated this market. Mediatek has returned to the middle class, at least temporarily, which is a welcome development.

Here are the top smartphone processors to watch out for if you want to keep your gaming time high.


Snapdragon 865 5G
Snapdragon 855+
Snapdragon 855
Snapdragon 765 5G


o Kirin 990 5G
o IKirin 990
o Kirin 985
o Kirin 820

A apple

o A12 Bionic
o A13 Bionic
o A14 Bionic

Internal and RAM

There are gone the days of high-end devices boasting 4GB RAM. Even the mid-range models have at least 6-8 GB RAM. Not to mention that real gaming consoles now have the correct RAM for your PC. The OnePlus 8 Pro has 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM and is the most current model.

But even the competition wasn’t looking. For this reason, if you are looking for a gaming phone, consider it the first available availability with at least 8 GB of RAM.

Speech is dependent on internal memory. It is uncertain that everyone will require the same amount of memory if the current technology has UFS 3.0 memory.

I can assure you that 128 GB is now 64 GB. In other words, 128GB is the minimum memory you can expect on this device in the future. This is preferably expandable via Micro SD. A 64-GB smartphone will still offer the same performance.


We are able to increase our current capacity while we wait for the next generation batteries from long-attention-grabbing manufacturers.

It is common to find smartphones with a 4500 mAh or 5000 mAh batteries. This information can increase the size and weight of the device. In both cases, the longer the battery lasts, the better. Take a closer look at the feature. Don’t let Apple devices fool you. Even though they have smaller batteries than other brands, their power consumption is still much lower than Android.

Software and accessories

Buying a gaming smartphone is a big decision. The software’s accessories and features can make all the difference. Many manufacturers are adding new features to these devices in order to offer users the best possible gaming experience. Xiaomi and its Black Shark were the first to offer control in the sales package.

On the other hand, some companies are more focused on software. OnePlus has improved Fnatic mode to allow you to play with no interruptions and high performance in terms both network and processor.

Although this may not be the most important aspect of the purchase phase, I can guarantee that they will make a significant impact on the long-playing period.

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