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Jackery Small Solar Generators: Powering Adventures, Homes, and More

Founded in 2012 in California, USA, Jackery is a leading brand that specializes in small generators and offers green energy solutions to empower individuals everywhere. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Jackery made waves in the industry by introducing the world’s first outdoor portable power stations in 2016 and subsequently developing the world’s first portable solar panels. By bringing portable power generators to the great outdoors, Jackery caters to the power needs of nature-lovers, inspiring them to venture further and embrace extraordinary experiences. With Jackery, you can enjoy the outdoors while minimizing your environmental impact, actively contributing to the preservation of our planet and the creation of a better future.

Benefits of Jackery Small Solar Generators

Portable and Eco-friendly Power Supply: Jackery small solar generators harness the power of the sun to generate electricity. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making them an ideal power source for camping trips. Moreover, they produce clean and renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact.

Charges Devices, Lights Up the Campsite, and Runs Small Appliances: Jackery small solar generators come equipped with multiple outlets and USB ports, allowing you to charge your smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices. They also provide ample power to light up your campsite and operate small appliances like fans, coolers, and even small televisions.

Jackery Small Solar Generators for Home Backup

In addition to camping, Jackery small solar generators serve as reliable backup power sources for homes during outages or emergencies. When the grid goes down, these generators ensure a continuous power supply, allowing you to keep essential appliances running. From powering your refrigerator to keeping the lights on and charging your phones, Jackery small solar generators offer peace of mind and convenience during unexpected power disruptions.

Clean and Renewable Energy Source for Essential Appliances: During a power outage, Jackery small solar generators can sustain essential appliances such as medical equipment, computers, routers, and communication devices. With their clean and renewable energy, you can have electricity without relying on fossil fuels.

Reliable Power Solution: Jackery small solar generators are designed to provide reliable power in various situations. They are built with robust components and advanced battery technology to ensure long-lasting performance. With proper maintenance and care, they can be a dependable backup power solution for years to come.

Jackery Small Solar Generators for Hobbies and Professions

Jackery small solar generators are not just limited to camping and home backup scenarios. They also find practical applications in various hobbies and professions.

Ideal for Outdoor Activities like Fishing, Tailgating, and Barbecuing: Whether you’re spending a day fishing by the lake, tailgating at a sports event, or having a barbecue party in the park, Jackery small solar generators can power your portable grills, speakers, and other outdoor equipment. They provide a convenient and sustainable solution for enjoying your favorite activities.

Suitable for Professions with Remote Job Sites like Drone Surveillance and Construction: Professionals working in remote locations can benefit from Jackery small solar generators. For example, drone surveillance operators require a reliable power source to keep their drones airborne for extended periods. Similarly, construction workers at remote job sites can use Jackery small solar generators to power their tools and equipment, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Clean and Sustainable Solution for Efficient and Effective Work: Jackery small solar generators offer a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional gas generators in various professional settings. They eliminate the need for fuel storage, reduce noise pollution, and provide a more environmentally friendly power solution. This can contribute to a healthier work environment, increased efficiency, and cost savings in the long run.


Investing in a Jackery small solar generator is a wise choice for those who value a portable and eco-friendly power supply. Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip, preparing for potential power outages at home, or pursuing hobbies and professions that demand reliable power, Jackery small solar generators offer a versatile solution. With their portability, eco-friendliness, and ability to charge devices, light up campsites, and run small appliances, these generators provide the convenience and peace of mind you need. Embrace the benefits of clean and sustainable energy by incorporating a Jackery small solar generator into your camping gear or emergency preparedness plan.

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