Learn About the Different Types of Water Purifiers

You probably know that water purifiers are becoming more expensive due to rising water pollution. You might not be able to choose the right water purifier for your home if you don’t know much about the different types available.

If you’re looking to buy a water purifier with advanced technology, there are many options. The UV water purifier, for example, is one such option. This decision requires consideration of many factors.

Consumers should verify the source of their drinking water as it can contain many impurities such as dust, debris, and hard metals. Let’s now take a look at the important aspects of the top water purifiers. They can purify your water and give you purified water.

What are the Different Types of Water Purifiers?

To choose the right water purifier for you, it is important to be familiar with their functions and specific features. These are the most popular types of water purifiers on the market.

Water purifiers RO (or reverse osmosis)

Purification of UV and Ultraviolet

Tap water purifier

Ultrafiltration (or UF purifiers)

Let’s now look at the important aspects of these water purifiers.

RO Water Purifier

This is the most popular type of water purifier that people have installed in their homes. If you live in an area with a high TDS (i.e. above 500 ppm), a reverse-osmosis purifier will be the best choice to ensure you have safe drinking water. High TDS levels can lead to hard water in areas. This is dangerous for your health. In such cases, an RO water purifier can be installed to act as a water softener.

An RO water purifier is different from a regular water purifier, as you can see from its name. It removes water molecules that have a higher TDS level from water and purifies it. It also applies external pressure to reverse the water flow.

This is how the RO chamber receives the purified water. The semipermeable membrane on the RO filters aids in the retention of dissolved impurities. All impurities are then discharged via a separate outlet.

UltraViolet Water Purifiers

The UV water purifier is another type of advanced water purifier many people love. It uses ultraviolet rays to kill biological contaminants directly, as the name implies. The UV water purifier uses high intensity ultraviolet rays. What happens when you use it?

It completely alters the DNA molecules of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. The UV purification system can’t eliminate all dissolved or suspended solids.

There is no need to be concerned if this model is chosen. You can also install a sediment filter to separate the undissolved solids. These solids can include silts and debris as well as traces of heavy metals. It also has a carbon filter that removes chlorine traces from the water. A UV water purifier can be installed if the TDS level in your water source is low. It will give you crystal-clear water.

Tap Water Purifiers

A tap water filter is a cost-effective way to purify water. It is easy to set up and removes all contaminants. They are an environmentally-friendly water purification system.

This water purifier does not produce any waste. They also do not require electricity, which is a benefit over other water purifiers. These filters also remove bad taste or smell from drinking water. These models do not require plastic water containers. Tap water filters remove heavy metals from the water making it safe for drinking and cooking.

Ultrafilteration and UF

Another type of purifier that uses advanced technology like Ultrafiltration or UF to purify water. They also use semi-permeable Membranes to purify impurities and give you the purest water. Although it may look very similar to RO water purifiers, there are some differences.

The pores or membranes of a UF purifier have larger pores than those in a RO water purifier. It cannot remove all impurities from water, particularly dissolved ones. However, UF filters have a certain advantage. Are you familiar with what this is?

It can also work without electricity, so it can be used in places where electricity is not available. This water purifier uses gravitational force to purify water. Therefore, it does not require any pressure from the outside or any installation of water pumps.

This water purifier also ensures that there is no water wastage. This water purifier is an affordable and effective way to purify water.

SummarisingIt is difficult to decide which water purifier you want for your home, given the many choices available. These points will help you make a decision.

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