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Looking for the Most Cost-Effective Outdoor LED Display Screen : LEDMAN

The outdoor LED display screen price can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the brand, size, resolution, pixel pitch, brightness, and additional features. Generally, larger screens with higher resolutions and tighter pixel pitches tend to be more expensive. To get an accurate price for outdoor LED displays, you can contact the LED display manufacturer or authorized distributor directly. As a well-known outdoor LED display manufacturer, LEDMAN serves businesses by providing various custom LED display screens.

A Variety of Options at Different Prices

As LED display technology continues to evolve, newer and more advanced screens are being introduced to the market. These advances, such as higher resolution, higher brightness levels, and finer pixel spacing, may come at a higher cost due to research, development, and manufacturing costs. So LEDMAN’s N series has a variety of pixel pitches for different needs, They offer a range of pixel pitch options, including 3.8mm, 4.44mm, 5.7mm, 6.66mm, 8.88mm, 10mm, 10.66mm, and 16mm. Therefore, businesses can also understand different prices according to these sizes.

The Best Value for Money Option

The price of outdoor displays also depends on their performance. In terms of performance, LEDMAN is definitely the most cost-effective choice. In outdoor environments, the protection of elements is crucial, and the N-Series excels in this regard. The LEDMAN features a dual waterproof design, coupled with LEDMAN’s G-TILE module design, to provide optimal rain protection. This innovative design protects the modules and internal wiring, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions.


If the business needs to have special customized services can also be made through LEDMAN, their customized LED display screen products will be given according to the specific requirements of the enterprise specific program, so the price is also determined by different programs. If you just want to seek the most suitable outdoor LED display screen, LEDMAN’s N series must be the first choice.

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