What is Handmade? This is done entirely by pen without any other ingenious equipment. It has been easy to get goods from other countries for quite some time. There is an online craft wholesaler that delivers all across Europe. What is so special about this wholesaler? Why is handicraft better than souvenirs bought at a shop and made in a factory? Let’s examine this issue in more detail…

Quality of handcrafted products

QUALITY is the most important and first point. Why? It’s a hobby. This question is one that many people will be asking and I’m happy to answer. The entire process of creating a handmade product is managed by one person. He will see all defects at every stage and correct them immediately. Everybody in factories and factories is only engaged in their own work stage. He doesn’t care about what has been done before him or what will be done after it. Hand-made products are also of exceptional quality because they can be done in a short time. Terms are not restricted and the master is his master.

Product exclusivity

While the second point might not be of any importance to everyone, it is very important for many. This is EXCLUSIVE. It doesn’t matter if you purchase the exact same thing from the same master. This is because the creative process is complex and dependent on many factors. It depends on your mood, the materials you have at hand, the film you just viewed, and many other nuances that can affect the creative person. These nuances will be expressed in the work. It is more enjoyable to wear jewelry and to have an interior that is only for you, rather than being found everywhere.

Products with soul

Third, and for me the most important, is energy. The machine does the work. It has no emotions, feelings, or soul. Therefore, the product it creates does not have any value. Large-scale industries are run by people who work because they have to. This is called automatism. A person can have any thoughts, but not necessarily the best ones. While I cannot speak for all craftsmen involved in hand-made, I can say that I don’t feel bad about my mood. After all, you get a piece my soul, the warmth and feelings that I put into the work. We all want to share a little love and warmth.

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