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GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300: Unleashing Flexibility and Speed in Genome Sequencing

GeneMind Biosciences is at the forefront of genome sequencing equipment, and their FASTASeq 300 stands out as a versatile and rapid platform. With its innovative breakthroughs in sequencing chemistry, high-density flow cell, fluid design, and base identification algorithms, GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 offers researchers unparalleled flexibility, consistent data quality, and faster delivery of high-quality genomic data. In this article, we delve into the remarkable features of GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 and how it is revolutionizing genome sequencing.

Flexible Features for Diverse Research Needs:

GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 caters to a wide range of research requirements, thanks to its exceptional flexibility. Supporting two types of flow cells and multiple read lengths, researchers have the freedom to design experiments according to their specific needs. The inclusion of the multi-time output (MTO) feature allows for customized sequencing runs, enhancing efficiency in data generation and analysis. Furthermore, the ability to load libraries automatically or manually onto each flow cell lane adds an extra layer of convenience and adaptability to the research process.

Streamlined Workflow with Easy-to-Use Design:

Simplicity and ease-of-use are key considerations in GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300. The pre-configured, plug-and-play cartridges eliminate the need for complex setup procedures, enabling researchers to seamlessly transition from library preparation to sequencing. The support for RFID reader module simplifies sample tracking and management, ensuring accurate and efficient sequencing. Researchers can save valuable time as libraries can be directly used for sequencing after preparation, minimizing workflow interruptions and maximizing productivity.

Rapid Sequencing Capabilities for Accelerated Research:

Time is of the essence in scientific research, and GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 excels in delivering rapid results. With its Microbial Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS) capability, researchers can obtain microbial profiling data in just 4.5 hours, enabling swift analysis of complex microbiomes and infectious diseases. The targeted sequencing feature offers turnaround times of 11.5 hours (PE75) and 19.5 hours (PE150), facilitating focused investigations into specific genomic regions. This rapid sequencing capability empowers researchers to make timely decisions and progress their research more efficiently.


GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 genome sequencing equipment is a game-changer in the field of genomics. Its flexibility, ease-of-use, and rapid sequencing capabilities provide researchers with the tools they need to advance their scientific endeavors. By leveraging FASTASeq 300, researchers can unlock new insights into the complexities of the genome and drive groundbreaking discoveries. Embrace the power of GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 and experience the flexibility, speed, and accuracy it brings to genome sequencing.

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